Does Better Ohio Teen Drivers offer a State of Ohio driver education program?
While we highly recommend the Car Control Drills Program for new teen drivers in particular, it does not meet any of the State of Ohio requirements for obtaining a driver’s license nor is it a teen or adult remedial program.
What is the cost of the CCD Program?
At $395, the cost of the Car Control Drills Program is significantly less than comparable programs offered around the country. It is also probably less than you paid for your teen’s last bicycle. We feel that a lifetime of driving skills is worth the same amount if not more!
Can anyone enroll in the Car Control Drills Program?
Yes! What we teach is basically the physics of driving. Physics doesn’t care how old you are or what you drive so anyone can benefit from the Car Control Drills Program.
Do you need to be fully licensed to take the Car Control Drills Program?
No. Our only requirement is that the student has their temporary learner’s permit. In fact, we prefer to have the teens enroll as soon as possible after getting their permit. It’s easier to establish good safe driving habits than break dangerous old ones. Obviously, fully licensed drivers can enroll as well.
Does the student drive their own car?
Yes. With the exception of the Spin Avoidance Car drill, the student participates in, ideally, the car they drive on a daily basis. This way, they will learn what to expect from their car if put in a difficult car control situation during “real life” driving.
What type of car can be used in the Car Control Drills Program?
The Car Control Drills Program can accommodate nearly any vehicle with the exception of full-size pickups, full-size vans or full-size SUVs. We also require that convertibles have their tops up and secured and Jeep "type" vehicles have their doors installed. Please call with any questions on the vehicle you would like to participate with.
Who should complete the Automobile Safety Inspection Form?
Consider the Automobile Safety Inspection Form as a checklist to be completed before you take a long trip. Anyone can perform the inspection and complete the form but make sure your teen driver is involved. Vehicle maintenance is an important part of responsible driving!
Will my insurance company give a discount for completion of the Car Control Drills Program?
All graduates of the Car Control Drills Program receive a Certificate of Completion. We recommend you contact your insurance company and ask for a “defensive driving” or “advanced driver training” program discount.

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